PGA WORKS is a strategic initiative, designed to diversify the golf industry’s workforce. Funded by PGA REACH, the 501(c)(3) charitable foundation of the PGA of America, PGA WORKS leverages fellowships, scholarships, career exploration events, and the PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship to inspire and engage talent from diverse backgrounds to pursue key employment positions across the golf industry.

“All career paths start with awareness and opportunity, and providing individuals from diverse backgrounds entry into the golf industry is a priority for PGA REACH.”

Ryan Cannon, Senior Director, PGA REACH

The golf industry’s workforce, including PGA Membership, is demographically homogenous.  The boards, senior leadership and full time staff are 95%, 97% and 86% Caucasian (respectively)

92% of the United States population growth in 2000-2014 came from multicultural groups

With a combined spending power of $3.5 trillion among Black American, Asian American and Hispanic Americans, the economic spending power and influence of multicultural audiences continues to grow

The under 18 demographic is projected to be America’s last generation with a Caucasian majority

Source: GOLF 20/20 DIVERSITY REPORT 2015 (12 leading organizations reported)