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Monroe County + Genesee Valley Golf Course Project - Rochester, NY

In our mission to impact lives through the game of golf, the PGA of America REACH Foundation is committed to ensuring golf becomes more accessible. Through PGA Places To Play, we are creating new opportunities to support facilities and sustain affordable access to the game for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

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Funding for PGA Places To Play comes from donors across America who believe wealth shouldn't be a barrier to the game of golf.  The program creates access through seed grants in community-based initiatives and PGA of America championship markets while supplementing the local expertise provided by PGA of America Golf Professionals and national programs like PGA Jr. League, PGA HOPE and PGA WORKS.


Midnight Golf – Detroit, MI

Michigan PGA Section

Midnight Golf has a proven track record of servicing inner-city Detroit with meaningful and sustainable programs that have impacted over 2,800+ students through the game of golf. Since 2001, the Michigan Section has supported Midnight Golf by providing golf instruction and financial support. With the renovation of the 30,000 square-foot building, more at-risk population will have an opportunity to learn the game and advance their future.

2023 PGA Championship – Monroe County, NY

Western New York PGA Section

Through contributions from PGA Places to Play, Monroe County’s Genesee Valley Golf Course will build a 14,000 square-foot, fully synthetic turf short-game area designed to make the game more accessible to the surrounding community. Genesee Valley Golf Course is a 36-hole, municipally-owned and operated golf course located on the shores of the Genesee River in Rochester. Easily accessible, the golf course serves a diverse population and boasts 60,000 rounds of golf annually.

2023 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship – Springfield Township, NJ

New Jersey PGA Section

The Inspiration Golf Range is a multi-purpose, public facility and operated by the New Jersey Golf Foundation, the charitable arm of the New Jersey PGA Section. The 27-bay teeing ground serves as the home site to support golf programming for youth, military Veterans and individuals with special needs. The PGA Places To Play donation will be used in-part to construct a roof over the bays as well as eco-friendly lights and heaters. Additionally, new drainage systems on property will enhance the teaching operation for PGA of America Golf Professionals.

Clearview Legacy Foundation – East Canton, OH

Southern Ohio PGA Section

The Clearview Legacy Foundation for Education, Preservation & Turfgrass Research was established to preserve the Clearview legacy and facilities for future generations. In its education, the foundation uses golf as a tool to reach youngsters, minorities, seniors, troubled individuals, women military Veterans, and those with mental and physical challenges. Clearview holds a rich history when it comes to providing access to the game of golf for minorities and innovation in turfgrass management so more can enjoy and love the game of golf.

2022 PGA Championship, Page Belcher Golf Course & Mohawk Golf Course – Tulsa, OK

South Central PGA Section

In 2022, PGA Places To Play donated $250,000 to the City of Tulsa kick off a $2 million matching grants campaign. The campaign was designed to help bring the city-owned golf course back to competitive conditions and support PGA of America programming. The initial phase of work was completed at Page Belcher Golf Course where over 170 trees were removed and 6.5 acres of sod was installed. The City of Tulsa will also purchase a new irrigation pump station, remove trees and complete a re-sodding project at Mohawk Golf Course.

2022 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, City Swing Golf Truck – Washington, D.C.

Middle Atlantic PGA Section

In 2022, PGA Places to Play donated $250,000 to City Swing to earmark for the construction of the City Swing Golf Truck. This interactive, mobile golf simulator travels the DMV introducing the game of golf to surrounding communities and has hosted over 10,000 visitors.


Through the work in West Palm Beach, The Park provided a great deal of inspiration to create 'Places to Play' as a pillar within the PGA of America REACH Foundation. The PGA of America REACH Foundation will look to use this model to give back and ensure golf is accessible to people everywhere.

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