PGA WORKS Career Expo

PGA WORKS Career Expo

The PGA WORKS Career Expo is an opportunity for top golf industry employers to connect one on one with a diverse pool of talented student-athletes competing in the PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship to discuss internships and entry level employment in the golf industry.

Held in conjunction with the PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship, the Expo features golf industry associations and companies that enable student-athletes to learn about employment and internship opportunities in manufacturing, media, trade, golf course management and the game’s premier governing bodies. Student-athletes also have the opportunity to present resumes for internships and employment.

2019 PGA WORKS SOCIAL MEDIA FEATURE v2 from PGA of America on Vimeo.

In 2019:

189 student-athletes attended

41 HBCUs, HSIs, and minority-serving institutions were represented

70% were from multicultural backgrounds

68% were juniors and seniors and 26% were women

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