Rachel Melendez-Mabee

Rachel Melendez Mabee is the PGA WORKS Program Specialist for PGA REACH. Mabee is responsible for oversight and overall execution of PGA REACH’s inclusion and diversity program, PGA WORKS. The program’s mission is to establish a deep bench of diverse talent prepared to ascend to key employment industries in the game and the business of golf.

“PGA WORKS is a strategic workforce diversification initiative under PGA REACH, which is the foundation of the PGA of America,” says Melendez Mabee, the PGA WORKS program specialist. “It’s really an intentional effort for us to diversify our workforce and inspire and engage people from all backgrounds to learn about careers and opportunities within the golf industry. We want to make sure that we have adequate representation from all backgrounds, from all dimensions of diversity, in our sport and in our workforce.”

- Rachel Melendez-Mabee