Brooke Morgan

Brooke Morgan, 23, of Akron Ohio, is a former PGA WORKS Fellow in the Northern Ohio PGA Section. A lifelong golfer, Morgan kickstarted her dream of working in the golf industry by turning her passion into a career through the PGA WORKS Fellowship. Along the way, she met some influential people who made a lasting impression. During her fellowship, she was involved in helping with PGA Section foundation operations.

“Being a part of crucial foundation decisions was a big part of my fellowship. I wasn’t just sitting in on meetings, I was able to participate in them. My leaders asked for my input, and valued my opinions and thoughts. I had an Executive Director ask for my opinion on subjects, and it was beneficial to my growth as a PGA Professional. Most jobs for recent graduates don’t allow them access to help make important business decisions. I’m fortunate that the PGA WORKS Fellowship provided an opportunity for me to do that.

- Brooke Morgan